Model number: DA041Collection: Art of MinimalismMain Material: TitaniumCalibre: 53 mmTemple Length: 140 mmBridge: 18 mm


the Art of Minimalism

Welcome to the realm of “Art of Minimalism” – a philosophy that embodies the essence of simplicity and purpose. Rooted in the Zen philosophy, this concept reveals that true contentment thrives in owning and cherishing only what adds genuine value to our lives. In a world cluttered with consumerism and ostentatious trends, Danshari emerges as a beacon of discernment. By focusing on the essential 25% that truly enriches our existence, this collection exemplifies the elegance of restraint and the luxury of authenticity.

craftsmanship beyond fashion

Danshari’s commitment to craftsmanship goes beyond the fleeting allure of fashion. With three decades of mastery and a profound technical savoir-faire, we present frames that stand as exquisite pieces of enduring beauty. In a culture saturated with the transient, Danshari’s frames remind us of the worth in longevity and timelessness. Like a harmonious bowl of rice that complements any dish in Japanese cuisine, our frames seamlessly enhance your essence. In a world dazzled by the excessive and intense, our frames embody the grace and sophistication of minimalist aesthetics, where true luxury lies in embracing the understated and lasting.


  • Eyewear Frame
  • Leather Case
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Booklet