Model number: DA0650Collection: ChowaMain Material: AcetateCalibre: 50 mmTemple Length: 140 mmBridge: 22 mm

Temple wire-core and hinges are made of titanium


Step into the world of the “Chowa” collection, where Japanese wisdom intertwines with aesthetics to embrace the profound ideals of peace, equilibrium, and harmony. Rooted in the essence of Zen philosophy, “cho-wa” encapsulates the art of living in unity with nature and others, fostering a delicate equilibrium amidst life’s multifaceted dimensions. This collection draws inspiration from the very essence of the “cho-wa” concept, transcending mere adornment to encapsulate a deeper connection with the world and oneself.

The perfect Balance

Within the heart of the “Chowa” collection lies the essence of mindful living. Just as “cho-wa” is divided into “cho” and “wa,” symbolizing harmony and peace, each frame embodies these tenets. Infused with the teachings of Zen philosophy, these frames are more than accessories; they are tangible expressions of balance and simplicity. The collection mirrors the symbiotic relationship found in nature – a harmonious blend of form, color, and function. Whether through the intricate designs or the delicate proportions, “Chowa” frames invite wearers to embrace the beauty of equilibrium and the elegance of a life well-lived, echoing the resonant tranquility found in the heart of Japanese culture.


  • Eyewear Frame
  • Leather Case
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Booklet